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August 14, 1947 was a great day- History of Pakistan 

what happened in 14 august 1947

 The day of 14th August is very important for us because on this day our country Pakistan came into existence.  What is freedom?  Those who are subjugated at this time know its value and authority.  Or Vansil knows who sacrifices to get freedom.  It is very important to go to the past to understand and feel the sacrifices made by our forefathers to see the dear country free and independent.  Background of Independence Thus Muslims ruled the subcontinent for a long time without participation.  But due to the extravagance of the rulers and their own conspiracies, the Muslims were finally subjugated by the rulers.  In 1857, the effort of the war of independence also failed and the Muslims were completely left behind.  Now the life span of Muslims started to be shortened in every way.  The doors of employment were closed on them.  Hindus were given more importance than Muslims.  The British government was also afraid of the Muslims in the country and on the other hand the Hindus were also very close to the British in Ji Huzuri and then the British took away the power from the Muslims.  The British used the harshest tactics to suppress every voice raised against freedom and gave the worst punishments in history to the supporters of freedom.  But freedom is also such a drug that if one gets addicted to it, then who cares about life and property.  Excruciating punishments can’t stop the path of the freedom fighters. They climbed the pillars, but neither their tongue wavered nor their steps wavered when they said Kalmaan.  Freedom is such a blessing that if it is taken away once, it does not have to work for years to get it again.  Sacrifices have to be given, hanging nooses have to be swung.  Benmat then demands the sacrifice of life and wealth and self-respect.  After many years of hard work, the darkness slowly dissipates and the rays of hope begin to emerge, and it takes a long time for the rays to fully shine.  One has to endure great hardships and it is cultivated with rivers of blood.  Then go and plant the root of freedom has to . 

On the other hand, the Second World War started in 1939, which greatly weakened the British Empire.  Therefore, they started giving signals of the death of power. Muslims made their demand clear under the guidance of their great leader Quaid-e-Azam.  That they cannot afford to live in a united India.  So the Muslims demanded a separate homeland in which they got religious and personal freedom and had a separate identity.  The British, who were more inclined towards the Hindus, were initially adamant that India would not be partitioned.  But Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s impassioned speeches soon made him realize that the partition of India was inevitable.  The Muslims who were crushed in the mill of oppression, when they saw the ray of freedom, their enthusiasm and enthusiasm was visible, so all the Muslims stood with their leader and were openly declaring that they had also sought freedom.  Chaudhry Rehmat Ali proposed the name of the new homeland for his nation, Pakistan, which was unanimously accepted, and now the slogans of freedom fighters started echoing everywhere.  “Leke Rahenge Pakistan” “Bin Ke Rahenge Pakistan” These slogans breathed a new spirit into the independence movement and the British government had to accept the demand of the Muslims for a separate homeland and finally the leadership of the Muslim Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.  On August 14, 1947, they succeeded in taking a separate homeland. The sun of August 14, 1947 rose with the promise of freedom for the Muslims of the subcontinent and broke the chain of slavery for years.

History is a witness that a newborn state was obtained in the name of God and till date in the history of the world there has not been such a large displacement of population nor so much blood shed as the Muslims shed in Amritsar and other cities at the time of the death of power.  went .  Thousands of Muslim men , Ladies and youngsters were scorched alive.  Wherever they saw Muslims in India and elsewhere, they would kill them and rape women.  Many caravans were robbed on the way.  When these stranded caravans managed to reach Pakistan, the process of settling and rehabilitating them was no less than a challenge, but the sincere leadership and Ansar brothers of the refugees showed this change head on.  So many big wounds that our forefathers suffered and endured hardships and troubles and suffered atrocities that made us cry, they all got healed in the joy of freedom, but 67 years have passed since we were freed. In these last 75 years, we  What has been lost and what has been found?  We have lost half of the country due to ignorance.  Instead of one nation, we are divided into sects and parties and each sect and people are thirsty for each other’s blood.  My address is today’s young generation, at this time our country is facing many internal and external challenges and our situations are of our own making. Our incompetence and our selfish policies have brought us to this critical juncture.  We do not know the value of freedom and its price. O young generation, August 14 is the day of renewal.  On this day, let’s all take a pledge that we have to make this God-given country a welfare state.  We have to run this country according to the manifesto given by Quaid-e-Azam in growing flowers everywhere in its lawn.  We have to express our concern to Iqbal.  This country has to be cleansed of gunpowder crops.  We have to remind our countrymen of their forgotten lesson.  Tolerance and tolerance should be promoted.  It gives an honorable place in the world.  This country is our identity and the security, development and stability of this country is our responsibility.

Young generation

 Wake up from sleeplessness and take care of your country’s garden. Today, your country needs you.  Turn the enemy’s cannons.  Remember !  Our freedom, our stability, our independence and our self-respect are established as long as we are one being, like one heart and mind. God willing, the clouds of troubles will soon disappear and a new and bright future is waiting for us.  No one can look at our armed forces and national unity.  Because under the shadow of this flag we are one.

 * Pakistan Zindabad *

Raja Arslan

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