What is Crypto currenncy


 Everyone gets a little cautious when they hear the word currency because it is very difficult for the majority to get it and some do not even have to work very hard and they have a lot of money.  Meets  It was in 2009 that the world first heard the word bitcoin, also known as cryptocurrency.

 At that time most people thought it was a joke and laughed at it. But some people laughed and took a few thousand or a million bitcoins.  Near the dollar.  I was a poor man and there was no room for ten thousand, so I told my younger brother to take some bitcoin and keep it.  Exit

 A few years later I started working on some sites that worked hard to earn millions of bitcoins and I later bought bitcoins for thousands of rupees when the price of bitcoin was very low maybe one lakh rupees for one thousand rupees.  Satoshi was found then a currency called Atherium also appeared which was 900 Pakistani rupees at that time and after working one or two Atherims were found just like that but at that time most of the sites were fake which was done by doing work or in the name of investment.  People’s real money was also eaten.  I remember very well that at that time Lit Quinn was three hundred rupees, that is, one and a half dollars today, and Doggy Coin was often available for free. Later it was fifty paise.

 You may be thinking that then I should have been very rich because I am a very old trader. But sad to say that I have done this job but I have lost every time.  Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. “

 It is best to buy and keep Bitcoin until the price reaches 1820,000 dollars by June 30, and sell it at the end of November when the price reaches 10 million rupees, that is 70,000 dollars per bitcoin.  You don’t have to work hard to earn it.

 Second, buy any authentic coin that has dropped thirty to forty percent by Sunday evening and the price will go up by Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, Friday.  Anna says the same is true of buying.

 If you have more money, buy an authentic coin like Bitcoin Ethereum. If you have less money, buy a currency with zero zeros so that when it is one cent you get more profit.  Think of it as a waste of time.  Nowadays it is very cheap because it is mid-June. There is an echo of World War III in the world so it may not be very expensive this year but it will go around crores of rupees. For trading or keeping currency  I recommend Quinn Base.  Benin’s Hot Butt Fixed Pay Blockchain and Oaks are good vaults.

Raja Arslan

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