What is difference between ITI and IT

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What is ITI Course And What is the Difference Between IT

What is Difference Between ITI and IT

Hello friends, today we will know what is difference between ITI  and IT. Everyone is very familiar with technology in the current situation. If , you want to do something else in the technology artist . In the world first of all you need to have enough idea ? or knowledge about IT or ITI .

What is the full form of ITI  & IT

What is Difference Between ITI and IT

The full form of ITI is the Institute of Information Technology. This means ? you can post learn something information technology from this institute.  in the present age from your phone to laptop desktop internet you are completely immerse in internet. Even the banking system from your payment gateway is totally dependent on the internet.

ITI is the first university or institute of your life from where you can start your world of technology. So in a word, IT is the first step or the first step in advancing your technology. And if IT is an institute. You have many courses in this institute. One of them is IT. IT is a university with many courses under multiple courses. Such as APCN Plumber Seater IT Mechanical Automobile etc. etc. ITI is an institute which has courses on different types of different needs. IT is a course.

What is difference between ITI and IT

What is difference between ITI and IT

If you want to be admit to ITI University Day Institute, what is the minimum educational qualification or degree certificate you need? Your highest qualification for admission in ITI or Industrial Training Institute will be secondary or higher secondary. After you pass or pass the Higher Secondary Examination you can do degree or straight to private ITI.

You can apply for admission in ITI Industrial Training Institute. If you do not have the financial means to get admission in ITI Institute ., hen you can apply for ITI by taking official exam or you can get admission.

This is the process of taking ITI admission officially. You will need a minimum of 50 marks in higher secondary. And based on those fifty numbers, under which board did you apply for the exam? After applying for the exam, you will receive a notice or letter for an exam in three to four months.

The notice will mention your roll number, admission number and which college you will give the exam to. And after that examination your result will be publish after six or four months. And based on that result you will be give a list of notices in which colleges you are eligible for admission.

Then the college in which you have qualify for admission or the college in which you have been select for admission or registered or the name has come. You will take your exam results and a notice with you to this college.What is difference between ITI and IT

Then after verifying or verifying that notice school and college, your process will start for admission. And when you have completed all the procedures in full, you will be ask which question you want to be admit to. Hopefully after so long you have come up with the idea of ​​trade or IT.

Then this time we will know what is ID. IT is a course offere by my ITI Institute. IT Full Form is Information Technology. That means in that cell I will be able to read and gain knowledge about information technology.

For example, after you pass HS in Madhyami, you have to decide what book to read. But yes normal BA In this case a little different. But if you want to read with this honors then you have to decide what book you will not read with honors in Bengali geography, English history, etc., etc.

If you want to do Honors in Geography then this post comes to your mind the idea that I can understand as much as I read about all the underground mountain-mountain seas related to the earth.

If you want to do Honors in History in the same way then you are sure that I have some knowledge ideas about the relationship of the country with the country in ancient times or in ancient times.

In the same way if you want to do ITI then you have to understand IT course to know and learn about information technology i.e. internet related information it is post in website domain , computer , computer hardware and software circuit input device output device.

I hope you understand that ITI and IT  is a course that has a lot of information hidden about your information technology at any given moment. And what you can do in the future if you do this research is also subject to or briefly given later. If I do an IT course at an ITI institute, then you are in a banking sector or a government IT sector. Swaroop Airtel Company in Voda Geo etc.

What is difference between ITI and ITWhat is difference between ITI and IT

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