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Germany Announces 20 in-Demand Jobslabour market jobs eligible for a work permit for international talents.

 Germany is selective about 20 designated jobs which are open to foreign labour under a work visa.

Amongst large economies in Europe, Germany faces significant labor shortage in different areas of industry. The first is that there are increasing numbers of aged people and the average number of babies born per woman is falling, leading to a declining workforce and at the same time demand for specialized jobs is rising.

Therefore, in order for Germany to remain economically competitive, it needs to recruit overseas talents that can assume these important positions.

Most crucial are the fields of agriculture, construction, and transportation where they have been experiencing severe labor shortages.

The shortages in the job market are especially pronounced in these specific sectors:

Agriculture :

Livestock production, forestry, and horticulture face a shortage of skilled professionals for jobs like livestock producers, forest technicians, or specialized horticulturists.


A shortage exists in many of these related trades for the construction sector such as metalworking, automation, survey, scaffold, interior construction, glazing, pipeline construction and plant, container, and apparatus.


Labour is also in deficit in the transport industry especially in positions of courier and dispatch, logistics, and drivers for road moving equipment.

Here are the 20 specific jobs in demand:

  1. Livestock farming
  2. Forestry
  3. Horticulture
  4. Tyre and vulcanization technology
  5. Wood, furnishing, interior fitting
  6. Metalworking
  7. Automation
  8. Surveying, scaffolding
  9. Interior construction and drywalling
  10. Glazing
  11. Pipeline construction
  12. Plant, container, and apparatus construction
  13. Railway infrastructure inspection and maintenance.
  14. Freight forwarding and logistics
  15. Earth moving and related machinery drivers.
  16. Sales (furniture, fittings)
  17. Sales
  18. System catering
  19. Pharmaceutical technical assistants
  20. Bus and tram drivers

There are competitive pay scales for these jobs, although their average rates differ.
This is regardless of their jobs for the highest paying posts in Germany involving Doctor, Pilot, Sales Manager, Lawyer, Portfolio Manager, College Professor, Engineer, Software Developer, Projects Manager, Risk Manager, Judge, and Tax Advisor.
The cost of living depends on where you will live; if you will stay in a small city, or bigger settlement with your family etc. However, despite this, for many skilled foreign workers Germany remains one of the most desirable states for work page .

Raja Arslan

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