How to create a sitemap for Blogger?

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 Sitemap means full sitemap . The information on why all the pages of your website are used in your website articles and why these things are internal images , videos , linking , audio file etc .  The sitemap is used by bloggers who write new posts daily as well as update their entire posts .  What will you learn in this article ?

  1. Benefits of creating a sitemap .
  2. How to create a sitemap for Blogger?  

  3. How to create a sitemap in a single step ?  Shortcut method  

  4. Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console .

  At the end of the sitemap was .xml and very single means extended markup language.  When a lot of posts were written on your website.  If you have mapped your site, Google Crawler will index your website and there will be no problem in getting a higher ranking.

  Let me give you a simple example.  There are 100-150 articles on your website and some new paragraphs are added to some two or three articles for you or some content is deleted.  In that case you have to use the sitemap for the officer by repeatedly submitting these three articles to the search console.  All you have to do is update the sitemap.  All your WordPress or Blogger posts get updated automatically .

  You must submit to the search console before updating the sitemap . And first you need to know how the site is mapped .

 If you are a blogger and you are regularly updating your blog’s website .  I mean you write a blog post every day and you also want your blog website to get high traffic so you can earn good money .  There is also an option to submit your blog post to Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools or Yahoo Search Console and also your site map.  Your blog will receive both traffic and revenue .

  People who always had a problem with search engine traffic and complained that we created a blog but now Traffic said, the sitemap has solved their problem.

How to create a sitemap for Blogger?

  To create a sitemap you first need to go to a website and as soon as you reach here you have to enter here to click on your website .  Now you click start.  And you want to wait here for a while .  They will crawl your website’s url (uniform resource locator) and then create a map of your site .

  Note – xml also creates a sitemap of 500 pages .  To generate more than 500 sitemaps you will need to purchase the pro version .

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