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Top 5 Auto Dealer Software in Germany

Dealership software automates repetitive tasks, saves both time and money, improves customer satisfaction, and helps dealerships comply with industry regulations.

Utilising the appropriate Auto Dealer Software in Germany can help your dealership increase revenue, improve efficiency and ensure it has all of the resources it needs for optimal operation. Check out our list of Top 5 Auto Dealer Software solutions available in Germany now to find one suitable to meet your business’s needs!

1. Autosmart

Auto Dealer Software that gives you everything you need to efficiently manage inventory, receipts, contacts, costs and more from one convenient platform. Also keeps you abreast of the best offers around while keeping tabs on new car models, models and trends.

Best of all, it’s easy and affordable! Built to be flexible and scalable, so it will meet all your needs right out of the box.

One of its many impressive features is its ability to display price comparison for every vehicle listed on their site, helping members secure the best deal for their next car purchase. Furthermore, this service connects your dealership to millions of credit union members while prominently advertising your vehicles across search results pages ensuring maximum exposure of them by potential buyers.

2. Momentum CRM

Momentum CRM of Laguna Hills, California provides elite auto dealerships with cutting-edge software, customized support and mentoring that enable them to maximize sales with proprietary software, state-of-the-art technology and expert industry advice to increase bottom-line profitability and provide one integrated CRM solution across departments nationwide allowing dealerships to maximize customer retention and brand loyalty.

Momentum CRM goes beyond traditional customer relationship management (CRM) software by offering internet lead management, showroom traffic control and phone up tracking; integration with DMS; free demo/trial version available etc. The vendor offers its product free of charge.

Momentum CRM received an 89% customer satisfaction rating when evaluated against 50 customer reviews from two renowned software review sites. Furthermore, its cost is modest while offering customer support services.

3. Selly

Selly Automotive is an end-to-end CRM & ILM (internet lead management) platform tailored for independent/BHPH auto dealers, offering tools for customer relationship management, sales management, inventory tracking syncing & tracking and marketing.

Dealers can manage leads in one convenient location while adhering to TCPA compliance by keeping all text messages and voice calls on the platform instead of in their salespeople’s personal phones. Furthermore, they can set reminders or automate email sequences.

Selly also boasts a unique, patent-protected feature known as “Selly Notes Pop,” which helps dealers take notes during phone conversations and sync them directly to their CRM when back at their office. It’s a time-saving feature for both dealers and sales teams alike!

4. Spider VO

Spider VO is one of the top auto dealer software solutions available today, designed to be your one-stop solution for everything automotive related – from inventory management and customer relationship management, all the way down to vehicle lease agreements.

Software available on a subscription basis that’s fully customizable with features and functionality to keep your business on the right track. Scalability means deployment within any business can easily occur at one or multiple locations – perfect for auto dealers looking to streamline workflow and increase efficiency while remaining cost effective and user friendly!

5. Frazer

Frazer DMS is an all-inclusive Dealer Management System (DMS), acting as the backbone for dealership operations. Easily customizable yet cost-effective, its friendly support staff ensures optimal performance of this DMS solution.

Provided dealers with marketing and website platforms, finance companies, credit reporting agencies, electronic payment processors, online DMV services and more; DealerHub helps increase profitability through internet marketing efforts.

Compliance requirements, which are essential for running an automotive dealership efficiently, are closely monitored as part of this service. In particular, compliance regulations include those set forth by federal, state, and local regulators when collecting customer data or processing payments; this helps mitigate fraud or noncompliance issues and protect dealers.

Auto dealer software also features inventory management features to assist teams with keeping tabs on vehicles and costs with ease. Furthermore, this feature decodes Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) automatically for a more comprehensive view of inventory.

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