What is mean of cpc,cpm,ctr,cpa And rpm

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What is CPC , CPM , CTR , CPA and RPM 

Have you ever created an account in Google AdSense, used it and if so, do you know the basic tools of AdSense like page cpc , cpm , ctr  , cpa , rpm and page impression. If you are a new blogger.  And if you do not have any information about these terms, then by reading this post you will get to know these terms of Google Adsense very well .

Google AdSense is the best ad network in the world. I want my friends to take full advantage of Google AdSense in the same way that I take advantage of it , so let’s explain the words given in the title one by one .

I take advantage of Google Adsense , my friends also take full advantage of it , so let us explain the words given in the title one by one .

 What is Adsense cpc ?

The full form of CPC is cost per click . Knowing the full forms , you must have known that the more clicks you have on your ads , the more money you will get . Your advertiser decides how much money the click will earn .

In fact your advertisers add some keywords in your ad and those keywords have some cost which we know when we click on our ads . Some keywords are high cpc and some are low cpc keywords .

 High CPC keywords are keywords that earn you good money when you click on them I mean $ 1, $ 2, $ 5 etc whereas when you click on low cpc keywords you earn something like $ 0.01, $ 0.05, $ 0.03 etc  .

The price of cpc is never fixed because with keyword competition the price of keywords is more or less the same . To increase cpc you have to put ad in the right place .

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How to calculate cost per click (cpc)

We calculate cpc so that we can know how much we have earned on our ad click. Friends, cpc always depends on keywords . The higher the demand for keywords , the higher the cpc ad you will get .

 By demand I mean high search volume keyword in search engine because the more crowded the keyword, the higher the cpc will be.

 You have to remember a simple formula to calculate CPC

 Cpc = total money spend on your ad / total number of clicks

 Cpc = 25/10 = $ 2.5

 Example – Suppose your cpc is 0.2 and your website is getting 100 clicks daily then your cpc will become 0.2 x 100 = 20

 Guys if your keyword is “insurance” and then a user enters your website with insurance keyword and also clicks then you will get good money for click. CPC is also known as pay per click. CPC  Is most commonly used in digital advertising .

 What is cpm ?

 The full form of cpm is cost per mille. Mille means thousand. Here letter M indicates 1000 in Roman numerals.  Advertiser decides how much you, i.e. the publisher, have to pay by looking at the 2000 ad impressions (impression means repeatedly looking at the ad) on your website.

 Example – suppose you are a blogger and your website has 2000 daily visitors with only 1000 visitors viewing your ad

 And if you charge a dollar one cpm then you can calculate your cpm with a simple formula.

 Impression / 1000 * CPM = 2000/1000 * 2 = 2 dollars


o from this formula we know that our cpm is 2

 What is Page Ctr ?

 Friends, the full form of ctr is click through rate. In the same way that cpc and cpm are the formula for calculating, we can also calculate ctr.  Seen but only 50 of them clicked on your advertisement then your CTR will be created, friends always remember to keep your ctr less than 15% because less page views and more clicks will increase your ctr and your google adsense.  The account will be temporarily blocked and Adsense will send an invalid click message or you will see ad serving limit placed on your account.

 Ctr = ad click / ad impression * 100

 = 50/2000 * 100 = 2.5

 What is CPA called ?

 We know CPA as cost per action. Another full form of CPA is cost per acquisition.  You can also call it pay per action. It tracks the real time traffic of the website  If a user clicks on the ad displayed on your website and completes the survey, campaign, form filling, sale, registration, news letter signup showing in your ad, then in that case you get earnings from cpa.  |

 The biggest advantage of CPA is in affiliate marketing

Also understand about page impressions

 To understand page impression, first we need to understand what page view is  Page views are called views coming to your website. In the same way that we earn from cpc, cpm, page impressions also help you to earn, but with page impression, your earning would be very low or equal to no.  

 Suppose 1000 visitors come to your website daily and you have placed 5 ads on your website and every visitor sees your ad. If a user sees your 5 ads then 5000 impressions on your website because of 1000 visitors.  per day and this process is called page impressions. Page impressions and ad impressions are viewed simultaneously by your visitors on your website.

Understand Rpm

 The full form of Rpm is Revenue per thousand impressions. Here too M means 1000 Let me give a simple example to explain rpm  From rpm the publisher will know how much money they will get from Adsense for 1000 page views and ad impressions. 

 Earning from 1000 page views is called page rpm. The blogger who has more cpc and ctr will also have higher rpm.  In short we can say that page rpm depends on page ctr and cpc

 Suppose your ad impression is 4000 and you have earned $ 40 from 2500 page views then your r.p.m.  We can calculate something like this : 

 Rpm = estimated earning / ad impression * 1000
 = 40/4000 * 1000 = 10 rpm

 Conclusion – Guys in today’s post I told you about some of the important tools of adsense and I hope you are fully aware of Google Adsense page cpc, cpm, ctr, cpa, rpm and page impression.  Guys, please tell me how you like this post by commenting and also don’t forget to share it with others.

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