how to treat stomach problems and bad breath

Ho to Treat Stomach Problems and Bad Breath Bad breath can come from various organs, but did you know that you can get it from stomach problems? Approximately half of the population suffers from bad breath caused by factors other than food, drink and tobacco.  Of these, only 10% come from other health problems, such … Read more

How to Take good Care of your Hair

How to Take good Care of your Hair to keep it Healthy and beautiful This is the bible of hair care.  Everything you wanted to know about pre-wash rituals, washing, brushing, shampoos and specific treatments .  If the hair is fine, everything is fine”, says a friend of mine, wise when it comes to hair … Read more

How to lose weight with aloe vera juice?

 How to lose weight with Aloe Vera Juice? Some of the plants found in nature can be very good for our health.  does aloe vera juice lose weight? Most of them, like aloe vera juice, have medicinal and nutritional properties that are essential for the proper functioning of our body, and can be included in … Read more

15 ways how to protect the skin in winter

Beauty Tips 15 ways to protect the Skin in Winter  In winter, the skin often becomes rough and tough, due to which the complexion also becomes dull.  This  Therefore, adopt these methods of skin care (skin | care tips) before the severe cold: 1. Twice a week I exfoliate my skin, baking soda is best … Read more

How to weight lose within one month

 13 Tips – How to weight loss at home   Decreasing measures and getting more fit is an errand that requires care.The ideal is to escape extreme diets and learn how to lose weight fast and healthy, always respecting the limits of your body. 1. Drink water That the vast majority don’t hydrate vital for … Read more