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In this article we are going to see the founder  of the famous company in the world called “APPLE. This article narate the story of STEVE JoBS and his sucess .And how he founded the APPLE what are the struggles  he faces for that company in his life .Let us see.. 





” STEVE JOBS” was born in San Francisco, California his parent unable to take care of him.”STEVE JOBS” early life was a battle of character. He was a taken on kid raised via caring guardians. His Father need to complete his scholastic achievement so his Father set aside some of cash for his review. Yet, “STEVE JOBS” not intrested in his scholar so he not go inside the homeroom. He typically go far school yet not to the study hall . He usually go far school but not t classroom. Later he want to college but he not intrested in study so with in one year he drop out  from college and started a business from her Father saving with his Friends. His companions developed the item he typically sell every one of the items.


In 1970s was significantly more intrested in tricking telephones, PCs making imaginative business thoughts and around with his dear companions “STEVE WOZNIAK ” . In 1976 when JOBS was only 21 years of age, STEVE and his accomplice STEVE WOZNIAK, began APPLE PC. The two of them began an organization in STEVE JOBS family trash, subsidizing for their business by JOB selling his volkswagen transport and WOZNIAK selling his logical mini-computer .

Occupations and WOZNIAK credited with upset the PC business by rebuilding the innovation making PC more modest, less expensive, intivate and open to each day purchaser. “Macintosh intially advertised the PC for $666 each and accomplishment with “Mac 1” Pushed JOBS and WOZNIAK to make far superior PCs. Lastly later 1970 APPLE will turn out to be first enormous achievement, APPLE-2 a high velocity business workstation the PC was hit in thier local California, “Occupations” before long become a tycoon from the immense offer of PC all through the state or country.




What’s more, following two years, they lacked the capacity to deal with one another. In a Board room meeting, STEVE JOBS was terminated in JOBS , simply a year after the fact, he bought a striving movement studio from STAR WARS MASTERMIND and GEORGE LUCAS. It lost cash hand over fist for more than 10 years, cash that JOBS, himself was spending on the studio starting fabulous 1997 hits with the film, Toy story. Moreover he made a one more organization and called it NEXT with specific high – end workstation for the bussiness local area. Anyway it make a disappointment on NEXT organization until it was bought by APPLE 10 years after the fact. Taking STEVE JOB back to the organization that he bulit throughout the following couple of years, JOBS went from a little situation at APPLE to comapny’s interin CEO and later taking on the positions full-time.

STEVE JOBS second time frame at APPLE, delivered a significant number of the fruitful gadgets, from the I-cushion to the iMac that JOBS drove APPLE ventured out in front of its past achievement and developed into the greatest organization in the innovation area. In any case, right off the bat in 2009 reports circling about JOBS weight reduction. Some medical problems have returned by expressing that he was managing chemical awkwardness. Anyway his battling life reached end and kicked the bucket in october first 2001 for long battling with pancreatic disease for almost 10 years the pioneer behind apple and CEO of Apple died .Really in creation of “APPLE” actually stay the main in the realm of Technology area.

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