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 How to setup windows 10 easily and  quickly

Assalamu Alaikum! Wishing everyone good physical and mental health, the most important thing in our world is windows 10 setup.

If the Windows you are using is too old or if the same Windows is in your laptop or computer for a long time, in most cases there will be a slight problem on the laptop or computer. For example, the computer is working a little slow or some kind of harmful virus has entered your computer. As a result, you or our laptop or computer loses its own speed. It is not as it used to be. That’s when you need to set up a new Windows.

However, all the problems arise only when we can’t solve our own tasks. Windows setup is no exception. If Windows can’t setup, it becomes very difficult for us. Let’s find out the solution to this problem in today’s tutorial. 

This Windows setup can be basically divided into two steps.

First Step

If you have a bootable pendrive, connect it to a computer or laptop. If you do not have a pen drive, buy a cassette of windows 10 setup from your nearest market. Then insert it into the DVD drive of your laptop or computer. Some laptops do not have a DVD drive. In that case you need to use a pen drive. Now restart your used computer or laptop. 

Or close and reopen.

Just when the laptop or computer is about to open, press the F2 key on the keyboard a few times. 

Then press F7 button and Boot Option will appear in front of you.

This boot option is a little different on some laptops or computers, but on most laptops or computers, pressing F7 will bring up the Boot Option. To do this you need to press the F7 button on the keyboard a few times as soon as the computer or laptop is opened. After that you will see the boot option on your skin.

If you want to setup Windows on your computer or laptop with Pendrive, you should select the option called USB FLASH Disk. On the other hand, if you want to setup windows via CD or DVD, you will see an option called DVD on the screen of your laptop or computer. Then select the DVD option.

Second Step

Then if you reset the smartphone, such as language, time, location, etc. have to be set. Many such settings will come in front of you. There you can adjust the language and time setting according to your needs and click on the Next option. If you notice a little then you will see that there is a box of good Keyboard or Input Method. You must enter United States in this box. The reason is that many of us are not very good at Bengali keyboard. In this case, if you select Bangla keyboard, you may face some problems. And if you are 100% proficient in Bangla keyboard, you can also select English . 

When you come to the next menu settings, you will find a box called Products.  If you are using a DVD, your cassette packet will contain the product key.  Then in this box type Windows product and click on Next option.  And if you do not have a product then click on the option I do not have a product key.

If you notice a little, you will see that the Windows option is showing on the screen.  From there, select or take any one of the windows of your choice.  After selecting, clicking the Next button next to it will open the next page in front of you.
 Then you will see a small box next to I accept the license term.  Click and tick this box.  Then click the Next button close to it.
If you want to setup Windows again, click on the option called Custom Install. Windows Setup is usually given by clicking on this option called Custom Install. Again if you do not want to give Windows setup. But if you want to update your windows, then choose the option called Upgrade Install. Anyway, now we will click on the Custom Install option.
Then the drives of your laptop or computer will come to the fore. Such as: Drive C, Drive E etc. Here you will be asked to select a drive, there you will have your Windows. You can even create new drives if needed and setup Windows there. 

Here you can format and delete any drive you want. Basically, you will set up Windows on the drive that you will never delete or format.
Then go to the next page by clicking on the Next option which is below as before.
You don’t have to do anything on the next page. Windows will automatically copy from a pen drive or DVD. Your computer or laptop will restart. 

After restart

You will see that loading has started on your laptop or computer. You must wait until loading is complete. Laptops or computers can never be turned off. If for some reason your laptop shuts down, you need to complete all the procedures from the beginning.
Now you have no reason to worry. Your setup will be complete with just a few small things. WiFi Connect and Microsoft account are some of the setup but you can skip them if you want

Then your laptop or computer will be completely ready.

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