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 What is Blogging & How to Create a Blog 

Blogging is an activity that is increasingly favored by people in Pakian today.  More and more new bloggers are popping up on different topics and writing styles.  To create a blog, there are actually many platforms we can use, such as: WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly, Webs, Jigsy, and many more.  However, I have noticed most Pakistani bloggers use WordPress and Blogger (blogspot).  Therefore I will discuss a bit about how to create a blog on both of these platforms.

 Oh yes, I made this article specifically for friends who don’t understand how to create a blog, whether on WordPress or on Blogger.  So, if you understand how, I don’t think there is any need to read this article again.  Well, for friends who don’t understand how to create a blog on WP or Blogger, please continue reading, and don’t forget to prepare snacks and drinks because this article is pretty long hehehe.


 Previously, I told you that both of these services – WordPress and Blogger – provide free services for creating blogs.  However, although both provide free services for blogging, these two platforms are different from each other.  So, find out first what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two platforms to know which platform is most suitable for you.

How to Create a free blog on blogspot does not have a free Google blogging platform.  You can create a free blogger blog, either using a subdomain and free hosting or using your own domain with free blogger hosting.  So, this article will discuss how to create a blog on Blogspot with sub domains and free hosting from

Before creating a blogger blog, I advise you to have a Google mail email account (free).  This will facilitate the process of creating your blog.   If you already have a Gmail email account, just follow the process of creating a blog on blogspot, the following are the steps:

 1. The first step is to open the site, click the following link to open the Blogger in your browser

 How to create a free blog on

 2. On the page, click the “Create Blog” button or the “Enter” button.  You will be taken to a page to enter your Google account.  Enter your Gmail email address in the field provided, then click the Next button .

 Log in to your Google account


 3. Enter your email password, in the field provided.  Click the Next button

 Log in to your Google account

 4. If you are the first to create a blog on Blogger, you must select the Google account profile to use.  You can use a normal Blogger account or a Google+ account.  In this article I recommend using a Google+ account, click the Create a Google+ Profile button . 

 5. Your Google+ profile form will be filled out automatically.  If you want to change your personal data, for example to change your name, gender, and date of birth, you can change it on this page.  When you have finished editing, click CREATE PROFILE.

 Create a Google+ Profile

 6. Next you will be directed to the next page where you can add a profile picture for your Google account.  If you don’t want to add a photo, you just need to click SKIP.

 But if you want to add a profile picture, you can click the Camera logo on the page, then upload the image.  After the image upload process is complete, click the Save button.

 7. Now you have finished creating your Google+ account.  Then you click Continue to Blogger

 8. To start creating your new blog, click the NEW NEW BLOG button . 

 9. You will be taken to the next page where you can enter “Blog Title”, specify the name / address of the subdomain, and select the theme of your blog.

 In the Title section, please fill in your Blog Title, for example “Learn to Create a Blog”

 In the Address section, please fill in the URL address of your blog, for example “”

 In the Themes section, you can select one of the common themes provided by Blogger.

10. After everything is filled in, please click the Create Blog button

 11. So far you have a new blog.  But it’s really not done yet, then you need to make some settings and learn some navigation on Blogger work pages .

 A little explanation about the Blogger menu or navigation dashboard:

 Post: List of articles written, published, and articles still in draft form.

 Statistics: Statistical data about your blog, detailed data about the traffic of your blog visitors including the number of visitors, number of posts, and the number of articles.

 Comments: On this page, you can see incoming comments.  You can also edit or even delete unwanted comments.

 Campaign: displays a menu associated with Adwords , which is Google’s advertising service.  Maybe you don’t need this feature anymore, so just leave it at that

 Pages: Static pages are like WordPress pages.  Commonly used for About page, TOS, and so on.

 Layout: On this page you can adjust the layout of your blog, add or adjust the position of the widget.

 Themes: On this page you can change the theme of the blog as you wish.

 Settings: This page is used to set blog settings, settings for how many articles to display on the main page (homepage), language settings, what comments are updated or not, and more  .


Posting Content to Blogger

 To make posting content to Blogger really that way very easy, here are the steps:

 The first step is to click on the New Entry button

 Create title content: keep the title short because bloggers limit the number of characters for the post title.

 Insert articles or other content on content pages provided by bloggers.  You can insert content in the form of text, images and video.

 You can insert links, change the text format, etc., with the help of the formatting menu under the content title.

 Fill in the label / category that matches the content you created, then click the “Done” button below the label column.

 You can also schedule the content posting time as you like, create a permanent link, add locations, and add other options as needed.

 If you are sure you will get your content online, please click the “Publish” button.  Your content is online and can be read by others.

 Important Note :

 To log in to the Blogger dashboard, you can only use your email address and password used to register on

 Save your Gmail email and password properly so it’s easy to use when you want to log in to Blogger.

 At this point, of course you already understand how to create a free blogger blog.  You can also change the theme of your blog or set the look of the widget.

 II.  How to Create a Free Blog on

 WordPress scripts can be used for self-hosted domains or can be used free of charge.  However, this article will discuss how to create a free blog on, where we can enjoy all the services for free, both subdomains and hosting.  Here are the steps:

 1. The first step is to open the WordPress site, click or open this URL in your browser

 2. After opening the WordPress page, please enter the web address you want, for example  Then click the “Create Website” button.

 3. a new page will appear.  On this page, you will be asked to fill in fields, such as your e-mail address, username (at login), password, and blog address.

 Email address: fill in your email address

 Username: Use your name or a variation of your name (example: Arsal107 ) this is for the username when logging in to the WP dashboard

 Password: fill in a strong and easy to remember password

 Verify the blog address: double-check the address for your blog, for example “”

 Don’t forget to click on the link that says “use a free address”

 After all the fields are filled in, click the “Create Blog” button below.

 Create a blog on

 4. The WordPress party will send a verification link to your email.  Open your email, find the email from and click the link in the email. 

 Activate blog via email

 5. After verifying in the manner described in step 4 above (click the verification link), a new tab will open in the browser and you will see your WordPress dashboard page. 

 The homepage of

 The next step you want to create a logo or favicon for the blog you just created.  To help you create logos and favicons, you can use online logo makers like Logaster.  Open the Logaster website and you can create the best logo for your new blog.

Settings, Design and Posting to a WordPress Blog

 Up to step 5 above you already have a WordPress blog.  You can see how your blog looks by typing the name of your blog into the browser.  However, you probably think it doesn’t match the default look of WordPress.  You can start making some settings on your WP blog, for example, create a blog title, create a tag line or a short description, change themes, install widgets and more.

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