The benefits of green tea

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The benefits of green tea

 What blessings did the Most Gracious Lord bestow on His servants? And it was decided that man should not raise his head in prostration in thanksgiving.

Among the blessings of the Lord, green tea is also an invaluable gift. With each sip of it, the heart and mind get the peace and tranquility that a person should call out, “Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.” It is the head of the Chinese emperor who added a few leaves of tea plant to warm water to change the taste of plain water. Kusab liked this new taste. Initially, it was used only by the royal family. Due to its refreshing use, it was ordered to be fed daily to the soldiers and thus this coffee or tea is popular among the common people outside the royal family. In foreign countries, tea means coffee, not tea. So the benefits of tea or green tea are the benefits of coffee. Three or four different types of leaves are made from the tea plant. White made from small leaves.Tea or white tea leaves are made with a little green tea or green tea and the leaves are processed regularly.  Grinding black tea or black tea.  Black tea is the most consumed by adding milk, while Kashmiri.  Tea or pink tea is something that is cooked with the addition of star anise.

Green tea, also known as green tea or coffee, is the best in terms of efficacy.  Tea leaves naturally contain ingredients that are considered to be very beneficial for health and this is also proved by the research of nutritionists.  People who drink a lot of milk tea will start to change on their own if they start drinking green tea or coffee every day.  Black tea leaves are about 95% counterfeit . It is counterfeit which is packaged in every brand and comes to the market.  Dangerous dyes, fragrances and chemicals are used in its preparation. They are incredibly unsafe to the human body.  Counterfeiters made millions, but not for tea Multan Faisal Abadla Hor and Peshawar are at the forefront of fake leaves in Pakistan, wasting their health, wealth, time and everything.  Get rid of black tea and you will automatically get rid of many dangerous diseases.  We have a lot of experience in this.  As soon as he removed the hot tea and cold tea from the bottle, he started recovering naturally from the most dangerous diseases in a few days.  Even in the blind conspiracies of the infidels, it is an enemy of health and life.  According to experts, there are several benefits to using tea daily.  It lowers cholesterol to some extent and lowers blood pressure.  Green tea releases the same amount of cholesterol LDL as the body.  This expands how much good cholesterol HDL. 

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Esperts says that

 Experts say that its daily use So it fills the body very quickly.  If you drink two drops of lemon with patience, it will keep you fresh.  It protects folic acid and iron in your body so it is more beneficial than other beverages.  Spinner tea protects you from liver diseases.  The use of saber tea leaves is effective in curing skin diseases. It is also useful in eliminating acne and pimples.

M with tea if a few drops of lemon.  It can also be used to treat skin cancer.  Also saves.  Patience tea is also very useful for people who suffer from nausea.  If the hair is washed with boiled tea leaves, it acts as a conditioner and makes the hair shiny.  In the summer season, cook Sabner tea leaves and leave it to cool and then when you go out in the sun, apply it on your face with the help of cotton, it will refresh your skin.  Mix three tablespoons of mayonnaise and one teaspoon of Match Sabner tea and apply the mask on the face for 15 minutes and then wash with fresh water. This will keep your face clean and germ free.  If you leave the green tea tea bag to cool for a while and then put it under the eyes, it will eliminate dark circles.  If you leave the green tea bag to cool for a while and then put it under the eyes, it will eliminate dark circles.  Green tea is also used to remove foot odor.  Put used Sabner tea leaves in water and put your feet in it and wash it after a minute. It will also give you relief and will also get rid of foot odor. Patient tea leaf also acts as a facial stem.  If the steamer is mixed with a tea bag of saber tea, it will be absorbed into your skin and bleed Increases flow.  Assuming that there are many virtues hidden in it.(Health Chadha Hocation) . 

Treatment of dental diseases with a mixture of Sabnar tea

Cold and hot water in the teeth is a painful gall disease but now experts have extracted a mixture of green tea to cure sensitive teeth from this disease.  Now Dr. Choi Huang of Duhan University China has extracted polyphenols from green tea and added a new hydroxy repeat to make a biomaterial.  (Multan in Khabar. 5 cups of coffee a day (Sabner tea can prevent cancer. If you are keen on drinking coffee, the good news is that the habit of drinking 5 cups of coffee a day to prevent the most deadly cancer  The most common type of liver cancer is hepatocellular cancer (HCC), and many of the key ingredients in coffee can protect the body’s most important machine, the liver. 

Surprising benefit of green tea

  •  A benefactor, seeing his health condition, avoided black tea and coke bottles etc. and a sabner tea.  (Coffee) made by the grace of God and perfection.  But with that, he took the prayers of Ishraq and Tahajjud and prayed to God for health and mercy. Now mercy is mercy.  
  • If you have a green tea bag for a while and then put it under the eyes, it will eliminate dark circles.
  • Putting a used leaf in water and putting your feet in it will make your feet miserable.

Green Tea 

 A few leaves Mint Spinner (washed) Machhoti Cardamom Two ginger A few slices Fennel A pinch In case of pain Three jujube Three cups of water Spinner tea Half stay Prem |  Drink warm two or three times.  I thank the Lord for this.  Take nand constipation restless stomach (two drops of lemons) in body pain, blood pressure, headache, etc.  God willing .  Experience is essential.

Raja Arslan

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