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What is CPU and what is it for?

The CPU can be compared to the machine’s brain and is responsible for carrying out a series of tasks.

Everyone is familiar with the term CPU, but do you really know what it is and its real importance? To begin with, it is important to note that this acronym refers to Central Processing Unit, that is, Central Processing Unit, also known as processor.

Furthermore, the CPU is simply the most relevant piece of hardware in your computer. This is because it is precisely the one that has the crucial role of performing tasks and also calculating a series of activities that are determined in the routine use of the device. Therefore, it is easy to say that the CPU can be compared to a computer brain in general.

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The CPU is the most important piece of computer hardware :

Don’t confuse the CPU with the case 

The CPU is the inner part, while the case is the structure that protects it, as well as other components .This is one of the most common errors when it comes to the computer’s CPU. That’s because, many people end up making the mistake of confusing it with the device’s case. To avoid confusion, keep in mind that the case is the structure that protects all the components inside the computer. On the other hand, the CPU is just one of those internal parts!

Features that make a difference

CPU characteristics directly affect machine performance .It is important to keep in mind that the characteristics of each CPU are responsible for directly interfering with the speed and performance of the computer, that is, with regard to the software you want to run on your machine. In addition, there is a huge range of processors currently on the market, being 32-bit and 64-bit (although the 32-bit version is practically no longer sold). They can still have single or even multiple cores, have compatibility with different types of motherboards and other features.

How it works 

The CPU is basically connected to the motherboard. For this, there is a socket, which is a device that ensures that the processor receives power properly and, thus, can put into action all the activities requested by the computer. There are several types of different sockets on the market, and it is important to pay attention to this, as this choice affects the compatibility between the CPU and the computer.

How is a CPU performing?

Currently, 64-bit CPUs are the most commercialized and they also allow you to work with a greater demand for data at a time. In addition, they have greater RAM capacity and support up to 168GB. The number of cores is also a factor that can directly influence the capacity of the part. That is, the greater the number of cores, the greater the machine’s ability to keep several programs open at once. Remember that even with a 64-bit CPU, the operating system (Windows) can be 32-bit.

The single core CPU is only one core. They are more outdated models that are capable of operating only one task at a time, that is, it is an option that does not suit most people today. Because it entails a slower machine, it was a matter of time for dual-core models to emerge, which have the ability to double performance and ensure a multitasking function for the computer.

One of the best processors today is the quad-core type. After all, they have four cores and results in really superior performance for the machine, especially when using or uploading heavier programs. In general, this is an option indicated for those who deal with image and video editing or other programs that require high performance.

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