What is difference between ITI and IT

What is ITI Course And What is the Difference Between IT What is Difference Between ITI and IT Hello friends, today we will know what is difference between ITI  and IT. Everyone is very familiar with technology in the current situation. If , you want to do something else in the technology artist . In … Read more

best software development tool’s in 2023

Best Software Development Tools in 2023 As a software developer, it’s imperative that you possess the appropriate tools in order to rapidly build applications. This article will highlight which tools work best for different projects. These tools will assist in developing beautiful and responsive websites and mobile applications with ease, as well as supporting numerous … Read more

what is cpu

What is CPU and what is it for? The CPU can be compared to the machine’s brain and is responsible for carrying out a series of tasks. Everyone is familiar with the term CPU, but do you really know what it is and its real importance? To begin with, it is important to note that … Read more

How to see what your processor is doing

How to see what your processor is doing A computer’s central processing unit handles all the calculations that make the computer function. When an application, such as Microsoft Word, is loaded, the processor adds the program as a task or process. With each concurrent task, the processor works harder to manage each program. Too many … Read more

how to set up windows 10

 How to setup windows 10 easily and  quickly Assalamu Alaikum! Wishing everyone good physical and mental health, the most important thing in our world is windows 10 setup. If the Windows you are using is too old or if the same Windows is in your laptop or computer for a long time, in most cases there … Read more