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10 Tips for you to create your Email Marketing 

What is Email Marketing ?

The use of Email Marketing is ideal and of great importance for your sales strategy . A survey carried out by Rockcontent , points out that in 2020 3 billion people in the world will use e-mail,  and among those that still do not use it, 79.1% intend to adopt her .

First, let’s understand what Email Marketing is.

Email Marketing, or advertising by electronic mail, is an email with a Direct Marketing tool.

In addition to being a very powerful communication channel for your business, because through it you can keep in touch with your customer, it has several benefits. Among them you can :

Promote content ;

Engage and Nurture users ;

Sell ​​products ;

Maintain relationship ;

You can send the email to virtually every contact on your list. Now that you have a little background on what Email Marketing is, check out “10 Tips to Use When Creating Your Email Marketing” now .

10 Quick and Practical Tips for You to Follow ! 

1. Innovative Theme

First you need to define the subject of your email. Choose a relevant topic that catches your user’s attention.

Try to be innovative, as the topic may have already been addressed by other people. However, you can convey the subject in a creative and differentiated way.

Choose a cool title to attract your reader. Leave generic titles aside, as they end up not having much engagement with your audience.

Email Marketing Tips

2. Use of Numbers

Following the line of flashy titles , a very good strategy is to use numbers. The use of numbers helps to get the customer’s attention and ends up being a way to present truthful information.

An example that we can use is when you see ” 5 Tips to Sell More Online” or ” How to End 30% of Refund Requests”. This type of title ends up causing a curiosity in the user, thus causing him to click and read the email.

3. Text and Image

Image usage is ideal, but you need to be careful. It’s good to have a balance when making your email. According to a survey carried out by Resultados Digitais, “it is recommended that an email campaign has 40% image and 60% text to have a good deliverability rate.”.

You then need to have a balance so the text doesn’t get boring and have only images or only texts. Use images that match the text as well and follow a pattern to be more organized .

4. Capital Letters 

Did you know that excessive use of capital letters can harm you?

Texts written in uppercase tend to be barred and are forwarded to the SPAM tab.

A substitute method is for you to bold, italicize or underline the words you want to keep highlighted .

5. Pre header

The Pre header is a summary of what the Email will handle. This item is essential when creating your email, as it will define whether or not the user wants to open it.

Define a Preheader that matches what is being addressed. If you put a different summary, it can generate a loss of credibility .

6. Emojis

Emojis are pretty fun to use , so why not use them in your emails?

When you use emojis, you break your text, providing a humanization and bringing the brand closer to the customer.

We’ve separated for you a survey done by Resultados Digitais , which teaches you how to use emojis in your emails. It is worth checking.

7. Links

By using images in your emails, you can get more user attention and get them to click on them. Therefore, it is recommended that you link them so that when the customer clicks, they will be redirected to the proposed theme.

Not only the images, but it is good that you always put links in your emails redirecting them to some page of yours.

8. CTA

The use of CTA (Call To Action) is a very good strategy for you to use in your emails.

The CTA will lead the user to click on your offer, where they will be redirected to your page. It is ideal that your CTA is in the first fold of the email, to catch the user’s attention.

On our blog we have a post explaining everything about CTA .

9. Test Email

A very good strategy to use is the test email, so you can read it as if you were a user and end up noticing errors that were not found in the edit.

Send the test email to more than one person, as each person has a different look.

In addition, you can use the MailTester tool , which proposes to point out the flaws that your email is showing. So you can increase the hit level and convert even more.

10. Mobile Devices

The use of Mobile Devices, nowadays, is absurd !

For this reason, you should also think about them when creating your email.

Your email should work correctly on mobile, so before sending, test the preview on various mobile services to see the final result.

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