what us universities evaluate in their candidates list in 2022-2023

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Find out what US Universities Evaluate in their Candidates list  2022-2023

 Studying in the United States can open the doors to a world of opportunities, both academically and professionally. This country is one of the largest educational markets in the world and receives a massive influx of international students. The diversity of applicants and their respective educational systems requires common ground to assess the different competencies of a candidate. 

In case you want to enter an American university , you must understand that the evaluation process is different depending on each study center. Also, it may take time for your application to be accepted. 

To find out what universities in the United States evaluate in their candidates , keep reading the following article. 

Table of Contents

1. Credentials and Documentation

As mentioned above, the United States receives a massive influx of international students. Therefore, it is necessary for educational systems to evaluate the credentials to verify that everything is in order. 

That said, how does a school recognize the credentials of a foreign student That is where international credential evaluation systems come into play. These systems synthesize information from all educational systems worldwide, making an equivalence versus the North American evaluation system. 

Although these systems include a lot of information, there are always specific elements within each application that may require additional explanation, so it is good that you identify them in advance and be able to prepare yourself for an eventual request for additional information.

Some universities in the US request that this equivalence of credentials be done by an independent international entity such as WES, for example. This means that you will have to request their services for the translation and equivalence of your local credentials This is especially the case for students who are looking to transfer from a local university to an international one. 

Because you are looking for university studies abroad, they will evaluate your documentation following this process:

Assessment through your educational credentials

The educational credential evaluation report describes and lists the educational institutions attended and the educational credentials obtained in your home country, establishing their equivalence in the US. 

This type of credential evaluation is most common for use in employment, immigration, and college admission matters when transfer credit is not expected. Documents required in this case include (but are not limited to) originals or certified copies of all original academic documentation: diplomas, certificates, and/or transcripts (indicating date of graduation and major) with English translation if necessary.

Credential evaluation course by course

The course-by-course credential evaluation report identifies and describes each diploma or certificate and provides an equivalency for each document. It indicates a description of the periods of education, courses, credit hours, grades and degrees, as well as the general academic performance in terms of the educational system in the United States.

This type of assessment is typically required for college admissions, to determine transfer credits or when applying for an advanced degree, as well as for professional licensing. Required documents include, but are not limited to, originals or certified copies of transcripts showing subjects studied, grades, and credit hours earned for each course of study.

2. Realization of extracurricular activities


In addition to verifying your grades, diplomas, and certificates in order to process your admission process, universities in the United States also make sure that you have carried out some type of extracurricular activity.

Please note that this criterion is not governed by the number of tasks you have tackled over the years. On the contrary, it focuses specifically on their quality, importance and significance. 

With these types of activities they can grant you sports scholarships instantly, in case you have wanted to get one.

3. Outstanding scores on standardized tests

Remember that American universities not only take into account the diplomas you obtained at your educational institution. In some cases it is necessary that you have taken the ACT or SAT exam , since they are the most common and recognized tests worldwide if what you want is to enter a foreign university. 

If you take these tests, try to work hard to achieve a high score. Your application won’t get much consideration if you get a low result. 

Probably the most important exam to take is the one that assesses your level of English , such as the TOEFL or IELTS . These exams are essential for the university to assess whether you will be able to take courses, do homework, and take exams competently. It is key that you prepare thoroughly on these issues before taking an exam, remember that the higher your score, the greater your options for acceptance and scholarships.

4. Letters of recommendations

The recommendation of professors, academic entities or recognized centers of study will be essential for an American university to form a good opinion of you and select you as a candidate. 

Remember that letters of recommendation are an external description of your performance in a specific field (could be academic) and should complement what you describe in your application essays. That is why it is key that whoever writes your letters of recommendation really knows you.

5. Application Tests


Probably the most important part of your application are your essays, in which you will answer questions that will help the admissions committee to better describe you, not as a score within a course or exam, but as a person. It is key that you can express how you plan to contribute to your new institution, what your contribution will be and what makes you different from the other candidates. At the same time, remember to highlight why you choose that university and what you think it can contribute to your professional development. 

To make your essays make sure you not only see structure, grammar and vocabulary but also have an interesting topic, thinking that whoever reads your essay had to do the same with 50 other candidates before. Avoid being one of the crowd and get the best of yourself in this piece. At GSG we will help you structure your best ideas in an application essay. 

Now that you know what US universities evaluate in their candidates, we are sure that you will be able to have everything in order before thinking about applying to a study center. 

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