Find out how much it costs to study abroad

Find out how much it costs to study abroad in 2022-2023

Studying abroad provides you with a host of benefits, from expanding your world view to gaining international experience, which will enhance both your resume and your personal growth. However, in addition to deciding which university to study and where, it is advisable to think about how much it costs to carry out a degree in a country other than your own. 

Therefore, in the following article we will explain what the cost of studying abroad is, as well as what the total price of a study abroad program covers and how you can access it. 

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How much does it cost to study abroad?

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While the overall cost of studying abroad is a valid concern, there is often too much confusion about what it costs to pursue a college degree in a different country. 

Likewise, the costs of living and the types of aid provided to international students vary depending on the universities, programs and countries. Therefore, putting an average price on study abroad can be counterproductive, as there is no common consensus on what the 

average cost of studying abroad really is .

However, there are some reliable figures that can help you. According to research from the International Institute of Education , the overall average cost of studying in a foreign country is around $18,000 per semester, or $36,000 per full academic year. Other indicators use the range as a more useful indicator; For example, studying abroad in the UK usually ends up costing between $8,000 and $21,000.

The total cost will end up being much lower or higher when you add different external factors. To use another basic example, studying abroad in a cheap country , like India, may end up costing only a few thousand dollars in total, while studying abroad at a private university in Europe will end up costing more. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly research the factors surrounding your individual trip to generate your own estimate.

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What does the total cost of a study abroad program cover?

It is not only about asking how much it costs to study abroad, but also what covers the total cost of a study abroad program. Generally, this covers the following:


First of all, the main expense of most study abroad programs is tuition. For this, it is important to know 

which countries are more accessible to study a university degree . In this way, you will be able to recognize those who have excellent public education systems and they will charge you very little, even if you are an international student.


After tuition, housing and daily living costs , such as food and entertainment, can also be an expense. Many study abroad programs will include this price in their initial program fees, even if you live in a homestay. Otherwise, you may need to start looking for an affordable place to live in your host city and find out how much you’ll need to budget for other necessary expenses.


The last big expense to consider will be travel expenses. Some programs will include the cost of flights 

to your host country, others will not. You’ll want to make sure you know exactly what your program fees cover ahead of time.

Also, beyond the main flights to and from your study abroad destination , you should also keep in mind that you will probably use public transport on a daily basis and take some additional trips while you are abroad. These costs are much cheaper in certain parts of the world than in others, depending on the economic situation of the host country. 


In most universities it is mandatory to have health insurance , and this often goes unnoticed. Find out how much local insurance costs, usually offered by the university or you may be able to access one in your country that covers equivalent expenses while you study abroad (although we do not recommend this).

It is important that you remember that when you study in another country, you and your parents have to be sure that in case of any emergency you will be attended to immediately, this is key so that you can study with peace of mind.

How can I access a study abroad program?

student scholarship

When budgeting and financing your study trip abroad , the first thing that comes to mind should be scholarships, especially if you do not have the monetary budget available to pay for an undergraduate degree abroad on your own.

Between those offered by universities, government organizations, nonprofits, and other private foundations, there are literally thousands of grants and scholarships ready to be used each year. Make sure that the university you want to enter has this type of aid for foreign students. Likewise, in some countries you can get a job on the university campus and start building your budget based on it. 

Now that you know how much it costs to study undergraduate abroad, what covers the total cost of it and how you can access a study program in another country, you will not hesitate to organize yourself properly so that you can study at the university you always wanted. 

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