How to Add a bank account to receive adsense payment

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 How to register a bank account to receive from YouTube & How is the monetization of videos

Anyone who wants to start producing content for YouTube or is already producing receives income that needs to be transferred to an account.  Payment is made through Google’s ad system, AdSense.  The platform defines a minimum amount so that the producer can make the withdrawal and when that moment arrives, it is necessary to have an account to receive in dollars.

 Registering a bank account to receive from YouTube is a simple process.  The challenge is to find a bank that allows this type of transaction.  In this article, you will see how to register a bank account to receive from YouTube and how to find the right account to do so.  Keep reading and check it out!

How to make bank account to receive money from YouTube

Many content producers are faced with this moment, to find an account where they can receive their money from YouTube.  That’s because Google pays in dollars and not all bank accounts receive amounts in foreign currency.

 In general, most traditional banks receive, however, the cost to the holder is very high, causing the discount on the amount received to harm the income.  Especially when the amount to be paid is not expressive.

 For this reason, many producers end up keeping the value in AdSense, hoping to accumulate an amount that is worth transferring.  The problem with this strategy is that the content producer works, but does not receive.

Inter Bank


 Banco Inter is a digital bank, which does not have a bank branch and does not charge fees from its customers.  Customers can use the account to receive their earnings without incurring any charges for the transfer.  To do so, you need to open an account at Banco Inter.  The process consists of sending images of your documents, a validation through facial recognition and a bank evaluation process.

 If the account is approved, you can start using Inter’s services through its app.  The debit card is sent to the customer’s address, but withdrawals are only allowed at Banco 24 Horas terminals.

 Online Remittance


 Online is a platform for transferring values ​​in several currencies.  With this service, you can receive payments in Euros, US Dollars, Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Swiss Francs and Japanese Yen.  In addition to transferring values ​​to several countries around the world.

 Using the Online service is very easy.  You just need to register on the platform and wait for approval.  Online, like other money transfer services, charges an operation fee and IOF.  However, it does not charge any type of fee.

 The advantage of the platform is that the registration and approval process is very fast, as well as the deadline for releasing the money – up to two business days.

 There are also other value transfer services, with more expressive fees and that can harm your income.

How to get paid from YouTube without having a bank account?


 AdSense, Google’s payment system, requires an account to be registered to make the transfer to the user of the platform.  Therefore, it is necessary to use a bank account or a transfer platform, such as Online.

 However, to receive Online you will also need a bank account.  So, if you want to know how YouTube sends money to people who don’t have a bank account, at some point you’re going to need a bank account.

How to get paid on YouTube

 If you haven’t received any payments from YouTube yet, you need to know some information before your first withdrawal.  YouTube only allows payments above 100 dollars, but for videos to be monetized, you need to sign up for the platform’s Partner Program.  Approval of registration depends on a few criteria :

 Follow YouTube’s Channel Monetization Policies;

 Live in a nation or locale where the program is accessible ;

 Not having community guidelines notices active on the channel;

 Have in excess of 4,000 substantial public review hours over the most recent a year;

 Have at least 1,000 subscribers on the channel;

 Have a linked Google AdSense account.

 Meeting these guidelines is a mandatory criterion, so producers do not receive money once they start a channel.  Before that, they must create content, attract subscribers and register for the program.  Once the channel meets all the requirements, you will be able to sign up for the Partner Program and accumulate your earnings.

How is the Monetization of videos

Video monetization on YouTube works in two ways:
straightforwardly – through the YouTube Partner Program ;
 indirectly – through the ads shown in the videos.
 YouTube broadcasts some types of ads in the content of graphic, overlay, video producers, and sponsored cards.
 Display ads: displayed to the right or below the video;
 Overlay Ads: Appear in front of the video, with a level of transparency;
 Bumper format (video): appears in the first few seconds of the video and the user does not have the option to skip (but videos are also streamed that the user can skip if they want);
 Sponsored Cards: Cards that are suggested in related videos, usually at the end or middle of the video.
 Step by step enable monetization on YouTube
 After enrolling in the Partner Program, you will need to activate monetization on YouTube.  The process is done in the platform’s Creator Studio, here’s how:
 Go to “My channel”;
 Click on “Video Manager”;
 Then click on “Channel”;
 Select the “Enable” option in the “Monetization” square.
 Also, you must have an AdSense account.  Don’t have it yet?  See how to open one.
 How to register a bank account to receive from YouTube?
 See the step by step to register a bank account to receive from YouTube!
 Access your Google AdSense account;
 Click on the “Payments” option;
 Then go to “Manage payment methods”;
 And click on “Add payment method”;
 Now, enter your bank account information.
 To mark this account as your primary payment method, click the “Set as primary payment method” checkbox;
 Finally, click Save.
 Once you’ve gone through this process and signed up for the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll start accumulating your earnings.  The following month, you start receiving money from YouTube.  See what the platform’s earnings system looks like:
 Earnings are accumulated between the 1st and 31st of a month;
 The following month, between the 7th and 12th, earnings are recorded on the AdSense platform;
 Payments are made between the 21st and 26th of the same month.  This means that the gains accumulated in December will be paid in January.
 Did you like to know how to register a bank account to receive from YouTube?  Keep following the Remessa Online blog and learn more about this subject.
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