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Content creator or digital influencer have you ever had this doubt? After all, who creates content is not a digital influencer or who is a digital influencer does not create content? Just as you may have already asked yourself this, other people also have this doubt. To clarify once and for all, we created this content.

Blogger, content creator or digital influencer, you will understand better about each of these professions and what differentiates them from each other. Keep reading the article and check it out!

What is the difference between Digital Influencer and Content Creator

Since blogger became a profession and people started to earn money on the internet selling their image, several concepts related to the topic began to emerge. Blogger, digital influencer, content creator are just some of the terms used by those who use the internet for work.

With so many names and so many people acting and naming themselves in different ways, it has become more difficult to understand this variety of professions and when to use one or when to use another. In order not to make any more confusion and put an end to your doubts about a content creator or digital influencer, see the differences between the two below :

digital influencer

A digital influencer is someone who uses digital platforms to influence people. All people are influencers, what makes them different is the means they use to influence others. This means that a person who does not expose his life and work on the internet is an influencer of the people who live around him, family, friends, co-workers, etc. 

In the same way that a teacher influences his students, a leader influences his collaborators, a coach influences the athletes who train with him, a friend influences others, parents influence their children and so on.

What differentiates these people from the digital influencer or digital influencer is that they generally use social networks to influence a greater number of people. In this way, he is able to reach even people who do not know him.

Content creator

Content creator is the person who produces content for some kind of platform or media, but he doesn’t need to be a known person on the internet, for example. The content creator acts more broadly and can produce for other people, including influencers, for companies, for websites, for their own benefit, but without being publicly known for it, etc. In addition, the content creator can also act in a professional way, working with the content they produce or for leisure purposes. 

What is the difference between blogger and digital content creator ?

The content creator can also be confused with blogger, a professional profile that also produces content for the internet. However, there is a difference between these two profiles.

The content creator, as explained in the previous topic, is the one who creates content for different types of media and platform. Another important aspect that differentiates these two profiles is that the content creator can produce for proprietary websites or be hired to do so.

That is, a content creator is not always the owner of the environment in which that material is being published. In fact, many professionals work in this way, producing content for websites, companies and even other people’s books.

Meanwhile, the blogger is the person who has a blog. This platform can be used to share personal, professional, text, image, video or audio content. The blogger can also use their blog as a source of income, through advertisements and other forms of monetization.

There are several digital influencers who started their careers with blogs and then migrated to YouTube or social networks. There are also people who started with YouTube channels and then created a blog, because at a time in the history of the internet, blogs were among the platforms that generated the most financial return.

One of the advantages of having a blog of its own is that the influencer has full control over the content that is in that environment, has no competition on his own website and is not at the mercy of problems that usually happen on social networks. He’s guaranteed that his site won’t go down, as some social networks did, unless he shuts it down himself.

What are the three pillars to differentiate digital influencers from content creators ?

Even after all this explanation, you may still have doubts about differentiating digital influencers from content creators. Thinking about some pillars will help to understand once and for all what a blogger, a content creator or digital influencer is. Come on ?

  • A blogger is a person who writes for their own blog, that is, a person who has their own website .

  • Digital influencer is the person who uses a digital environment to influence other people, in general, this is done through social networks .
  • Content creator is the person who creates content for any type of platform, online or offline.

None of these professionals work with just one type of content, on the contrary. There are digital influencers who are on the internet talking about products, about sports, about politics and other diverse subjects.

In the same way, there are also blogs and content creators who are producing materials on these topics. What all these profiles have in common is that, in general, when they produce content, whether in text, audio or video for an environment, digital or not, they are experts or understand a lot about that subject. 

Therefore, it is quite common to see digital influencers being categorized as professionals in fashion, beauty, sports, politics, entertainment, etc. In the same way that bloggers can also be classified like this.

In the case of the content creator, this can vary a lot, as it is more common for the medium they are writing for to be categorized. In addition, it is also common for a content creator to have the ability to talk about various subjects. Also remembering that the content creator can write for their own blog or profile on a social network, thus, a content creator blogger or an influencer. 

The topic is simpler than it appears to be and when naming one or another professional, the tip is always to observe what he calls himself. This makes it easier to talk about the person without making any mistakes.

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