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 Is blogging for Google Adsense still a good business ?

How Is it possible to make money from blogging ? That’s easy ? What nobody says about Google Adsense for blog? By the way, what is Google Adsense? Is it still worth investing in blogging after 2020?

If you’re interested, this post is definitely for you! So, check it out until the end and comment if you want us to clarify other doubts like these here .

What is Google Adsense ?

Google Adsense is a Google partnership program, where websites, blogs and channels that are authorized to display Google ads can be monetized, that is, receive money for the clicks received on such ads.

And how to be part of Adsense? How to display the ads and get paid for it?

To be approved in Google Adsense, there are tips and best practices, but in general, the main objective is to think of your blog as a project, that is, something of value, which is relevant to the public.

If Google understands that your blog is quality, it is natural to approve your Adsense affiliation and allow monetization.

How to get approval for AdSense?

Many blog administrators wonder how to qualify their blog for Adsense.

The community is clear in its policies , but the main demand concerns quality and, here, the tip may be to think about the user before even thinking about the robot, that is, the algorithm.

Ask yourself if your blog helps people, is it useful? Got traffic? Is it well structured? Does it follow the rules and is it optimized?

If you were comfortable answering all of this, your blog is likely to be approved.

How much does a blog with AdSense earn ?

It is necessary to reach the minimum of U$ 100 (that is, 100 US dollars) to redeem the balance in Adsense.

There are users who take years to collect the minimum, as well as users who earn thousands of reais.

It all depends on how you see the blog, if it is a source of extra income or just a “side job”.

When you adopt a business look, the results can be powerful.

This is because it is possible to diversify even the ways to generate revenue from the blog, not depending exclusively on Adsense.


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