How to paste Google AdSense and add an ads.txt file

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How to paste Google AdSense and add an ads.txt file

Google AdSense allows you to earn money by displaying ads on your site. Depending on the content of your site and its visitors, Adsense will set your site to show ads. You can find more information about this service  here . You must have pages and  a domain to use the service . Adding AdSense and adding an ads.txt file requires a  Premium Standard or Profi package .

In order for the service to accept the site, it must meet certain requirements. What matters is quality and original content that brings visitors to your site. Read  more about the assistance prerequisites here


How do I add AdSense to my pages ?

1. Click Settings in the project editor .

2. Click Homepage Settings and open the Google AdSense menu on the right.

3. Log in to your AdSense account and copy the Publisher ID that appears in the box for your AdSense code.  The publisher ID is in the form e.g. “pub-1234567891234567”. You can find more information about the publisher ID here .

4. Enter the publisher ID in the field provided. Save changes and publish pages . 

5. Check your AdSense account to make sure you’ve added the code and accept the changes. Information about your site’s approval process will appear. Please note that the approval process is not automatic. Approval can take two days, but also a month. If the service detects discrepancies on your site that prevent your site from being approved, you’ll see a message in your AdSense account and you’ll also receive a message in your Adsense login email.

How to add an ads.txt file : 

1. Log in to your AdSense account. If the ads.txt file hasn’t been added to your pages, you’ll see a suggestion to add an ads.txt file at the top of the Pages tab. Use the button at the end of the notification to download the file .

2 . Open the downloaded file and copy its contents into the ads.txt file content field. Then save your changes and publish your pages. According to AdSense, after adding a file, it may take several days for the changes to update. If your site submits a few ad requests, the approval process can take up to a month. You can find more information in the ads.txt file . 

This way you can easily add ads to your AdSense ads.  You can add text.  I hope you enjoyed this article.  And you did it easily.

Raja Arslan

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