What is google Ads & How does it work

 What is google Ads  How does it work 

Google Ads is an advertising tool developed by Google that allows you Google Ads is an advertising tool developed by Google that allows you to create and run ads on the Google search or Display Networks. Google Ads is basically divided into two parts, officially known as the Google Ads Search Network and the Google Ads Display Network .

Basically, Google Ads works for a potential customer’s own need. The advertiser only pays for the ad based on actual clicks, impressions, or conversions, for example. Google selects suitable advertising partners through the Google AdSense program. Google will not disclose these partners to the public. Google also decides which sites to show your ad on.

Google Ads is divided into two parts: the Google search network and the Google Display Network. The section of your ad is determined by the goals you set and the type of ad. In some cases, the same ad may also show on both networks.

On the Google search network, your ad can appear alongside search results and on other Google sites like Maps, Shopping, Google Images, and Google search partner websites.

On the Google Display Network, your ad can appear on Google-owned sites like YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, and countless other websites that are part of the Google Display Network.

How does Google Ads work ?

In general, Google Ads advertise your company’s products or services. For example, advertising can be used to increase e-commerce sales, raise awareness of a service or product, drive traffic to a website, or get views on a YouTube video.

Google Ads works in a simplified way, with the advertiser defining the appropriate type, strategy, and key terms for the campaign. In addition, the advertiser needs to think about how much he or she is willing to pay to run the ad in a tender against other advertisers.

Your ad’s position on Google’s results depends on Quality Score, which is influenced by your ad’s relevance, landing page quality, bid, key terms, and expected clickthrough rate. For this reason, it may be possible for Google to advertise effectively on a relatively small budget, as price is only one part of the advertising competition.

If your ad has a high enough Quality Score relative to the price you set for your ad, it will show on the Google search or Display Network when the opportunity arises.

How To Create Google Ads Account : 

A Google Ads account is created by logging in to Google Ads. Google Ads is working to create an ad campaign right out of the box, but you may want to skip this view using the expert space at the bottom of the page. In Expert Mode, you can set up basic account information.

Creating a Google Ads account is reasonably easy if you have a Google Account and a business ID. You can also create a Google Ads account without a username, but you won’t be able to set up a payment option without a username for tax reasons. When creating an account, you only need to enter the necessary user information, payment information and any access rights.

Creating a campaign

Once you’ve created your account, you can begin planning your first campaign and the ad groups associated with it. For a campaign, the campaign goal is selected first. You can create a campaign without actually setting a goal, but setting this clarifies things considerably.

Once the campaign goal is set, the campaign type will be selected. Different types include search, display network, and shopping. In the main, however, the most common types are search and display. The search ad shows ads on Google search results as well as on Google search partner sites. Display ads, on the other hand, are more standard banner ads running on the Google Display Network.

When using search advertising, the ad’s location, languages, audiences, budget, and pricing model are defined, among other things.

Creating an ad group

To begin setting up an ad group, enter a name for the ad group and any keywords you need. Keywords can also be subject to various restrictions that affect ad serving. When using keywords, it’s a good idea to start with just a few keywords to keep your costs under control and make it easier to track your advertising activity.

After you set your keywords, your first ad will be created. Google Ads recommends creating three slightly different versions of the same ad at the outset to compare the performance of your ad while it’s running.

Simplified, a text search ad requires the final URL to which the ad refers, as well as the actual ad text. Ad text includes a three-part title and ad description fields. Special characters should not be used in the text, and the content should be as authentic as possible to the item being promoted.

The ad can also use a variety of plug-ins to improve its functionality. It’s a good idea to make your ad as good as possible so that it serves its intended purpose. This is also important because Google ranks ads from different advertisers based on specific Quality Scores. The better the ad, the more likely it is that Google will display it at the appropriate location for the advertiser.

When everything is ready by now, the advertising can be launched. Advertising can also be scheduled and stopped at any time. If no end date is specified, the ad will run independently as long as it is allowed to run.

Measurement and effectiveness of Google Ads advertising

One of the best features of Google Ads advertising is the measurability of its results. The results will help you create financially sustainable advertising campaigns. The cost of advertising clicks can be accurately compared to the revenue generated from them, allowing you to improve and optimize your advertising.

To get the most out of Google Ads advertising, it’s a good idea to integrate it with Google Analytics. In this case, regular user data is also obtained from the traffic passing through the advertising. It is also possible to set goals for your site through Google Ads .

The Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool in Google Ads helps you predict how well your ad may perform. Based on the results of the advertising and the data collected, effective remarketing can be planned.

Want to know more about Google Advertising? We’ve been using Google Ads for a long time, and we can really recommend it. Google Ads advertising doesn’t require a large budget and is relatively easy to implement, so we believe your business could benefit too .

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